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Employment and Labor law

The firm practices mainly in the fields of labor law and social security law. We provide legal expertise to both employees and employers in all aspects of employment law.

By representing employers as well as employees in workplace disputes, our lawyers understand employment law from both a plaintiff and a defendant point of view.

This enables us to put our clients in the strongest possible position both in negotiations and in litigation.

Beyond the knowledge of the many texts governing the matter, the daily practice of Courts gives lawyers in labor law a strategic place in the management of human relationships.

Our team acts in the following areas:

  • Employment contracts
  • Dismissals
  • Pay and remuneration
  • Employment benefits
  • Hiring procedures and career management (negotiation of employment contracts or individual status positions)
  • Negotiation of collective status (enterprise agreements, atypical agreements, unilateral commitments, status inspired by that of the civil service)
  • Pre-contentious and contentious management of redundancies (for personal or economic reasons) and alternative means of terminating employment contracts
  • Trade union rights, rights of works councils
  • Harassment and psycho-social risk prevention
  • Social welfare
  • Executive management
  • Overseas contracts
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